Why I stopped writing for medium

And why I am trying to start again.

Dani Hendrix
2 min readSep 6, 2022


Hey guys. How have you been? Quite honestly, I have been better.

Between working full time, my master’s program, and attempting to maintain a semi-normal social life, I have no time.

But don’t get me wrong, I didn’t stop writing for medium because of a lack of time.

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When I started on Medium in August of 2020, I was very skeptical. I told myself that I would write 7 blogs to see if I made any money and if I didn’t I was going to give up. However, on the 7th blog I made a few thousand dollars and I continued to write for medium fairly consistently for about a year. It was at that point that my life got crazy and I was struggle to maintain my life and writing blogs.

I took a few months off, like 3–4, and when I came back things just weren’t the same. Somehow I had managed to gain thousands more followers in my absence but I wasn’t earning much money.

As a broke college student, I began writing daily to get my views back up so I could earn some more money. At this point, I was pretty desperate to make even an extra $100 a month.

The discouraging numbers

For whatever reason, my views went down. I was writing every day and basically killing myself slowly to do so. When the views still went down after all my hard work, I was incredibly discouraged. My views went from 10,000 or more a month to less than 1,000 and that was with me posting regular content.

I was putting more time and effort into my blogs than I ever had and had nothing to show for it.

That is why I stopped writing for medium.

Starting again

But, obviously, I am writing again. I decided that I genuinely love to write and I love to connect with people on this website. I may not get the same amount of views and reimbursements for my time a I did in the past, but writing isn’t about making money.

I write because I am a writer and it is what I love to do.

See you soon,




Dani Hendrix

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