The very strange disappearance of the Jamison family.

Was it murder or group suicide?

Dani Hendrix


The Jamison family consisted of Bobby, his wife Sherilynn and their daughter Madyson. The family lived in Eufaula, Oklahoma but were looking to move to a new forty-acre plot of land and planned to live in a portable storage unit. The family went missing on October 8th, 2009, but their remains weren’t found until November 16th, 2013.

So… what happened to them?

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The Jamison family

Both of the parents were in their 40’s at the time of their disappearance, but Madyson was only six years old. On the outside, the family seemed to be living a good life. However, Bobby suffered from major back pain that he sustained from a car accident in 2003. Sherilynn was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and rarely took medication for it. She was prone to outbursts and would lash out at the family.

Bobby and Sherilynn also believed their house was haunted. They claimed that two or three spirits lived on their roof and would harass the family. Bobby was so desperate to get rid of the spirits that he went to his pastor at church and asked if there was a special kind of bullet that he could shoot at the spirits to get rid of them.

The family was desperate to move out of the house and onto a large plot of land. they couldn’t afford to build a house so they planned to move their storage unit to the property and just live in that.

The family already had a portable storage unit outside of their house in Eufaula. It attracted very unwanted attention from the neighbors because Sherilynn would write in spray paint all over the side of it. Some of the things she wrote were…

“The neighbors have poisoned our cats.”


“Witches don’t like it when you kill their cats.”

Reasonably, the neighbors avoided the Jamison family.

Leading up to the disappearance

Bobby and Sherilynn hired a man to help them around the house. As it would turn out, this man was a white supremacist. The man immediately disliked Sherilynn because she was half Native American. The two fought when Bobby would leave…



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