Murdered on the Fort Hood Military base?

We Need Justice for Vanessa Guillen.

Dani Hendrix
7 min readSep 6, 2020


How does someone just disappear from one of the United States’ largest military bases? The answer is simple. They don’t.

Quick note: It is hard to write about crimes that have been recently committed when we don’t know all of the facts. However, I really wanted to write about this because everyone needs to know what happened. It is widely believed that the army is covering up part of this case, and the more people that are aware of this, the better. We need justice for Vanessa.

Image of Vanessa Guillen. Image from ABC13 Houston.

The day Vanessa went missing was April 22, 2020. She was born in September of 1999 in Housten Texas to a very beautiful family with many siblings. She loved to play sports and graduated in 2018. She was only 20 when her body was found.

A few days before she disappeared, Vanessa’s mom noticed that Vanessa was acting strange. Her mom realized that she wasn’t sleeping as well and that she was acting withdrawn. Vanessa and her mom were close and Vanessa eventually told her mom that she was being sexually harassed on base. If that wasn’t bad enough, she also confessed to her mom that it was a sergeant who was sexually harassing her.

But Vanessa would not give the name of the man who was harassing her.

Why? Vanessa did not want her mom to report the harassment. She told her mom that she knew other women who were being harassed in the army. She said these women had made reports of the harassment but that nothing got done about it. In some cases, the harassment would get worse. Vanessa told her mom that she would ‘take care of it’ and told her not to worry.

She was called into work on her day off the day that she went missing. She was working in one of the arms room, which is where the guns are stored. She then went to another arms room to confirm serial numbers on some equipment. This arms room was being managed by a specialist by the name Aaron Robinson and he was also 20 years old. He was the last person to see Vanessa alive.

When Robinson was questioned about this, he said that he helped her find serial numbers, gave her some paperwork, and then was under the impression that she was going to the motor pool once she was left. Investigators asked…



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