How the Golden Years Murders might have been a cover up

And how a homeless man with schizophrenia could have been to blame.

Dani Hendrix
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17 women were killed between 1990–1996 in West End, Richmond Virginia. This series of unsolved murders was called the Golden Years Murders and it was believed to be the fault of one serial killer.

Although years have passes and some killers have been caught, the serial killer believed to be responsible for the remaining 13 unsolved deaths was never caught.

But in the year 2013, a former police detective who worked on these cases shared that there was a major cover up that could have prevented family of the victims from discovering what happened to their loved ones.

Bathtub in a lost place. Image from HD wallpaper.

A brief overview of the Golden Years Murders.

The first five victims were black women who lived alone. They were elderly, between the ages of 55–89, and were stabbed to death. The next seven victims were white and also lived alone in the same age range. These women were strangled to death with bathroom towels.

Some of the women were found dead in bathtubs with cleaning products poured over their bodies for an unknown reason. Many of the women were also badly beaten before their lives were taken.

These murders terrified members of the community and sales of weapons in the area such as guns skyrocketed.

Unfortunately, the police investigation brought quite a bit of debate. As the investigation proceeded, it was public perception that the police were more interested in solving the murders of the white victims than the black victims.

List of unsolved murder victims.

  1. Mabel Venable(89) murdered July 1, 1990.
  2. Eva Jones(80) murdered October 2, 1990
  3. Mary Coffee(61) murdered October 3, 1990
  4. Robinette Mickleberry(61) murdered May 6, 1991
  5. Pearl Gash(85) murdered December 17, 1991
  6. Martha Bolden(81) murdered May 21, 1992
  7. Phyllis G. Harris(59) murdered August 16, 1994
  8. Inez J. Childress(82) murdered September 14, 1994



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