Girl who hired hitmen to kill her abusive parents has been sentenced to life in prison.

Dani Hendrix
8 min readAug 4, 2020

Jennifer Pan grew up in a horribly controlling household. She was a seemingly impressive student from a very young age and started learning how to play the piano when she was only four years old. In addition to playing the piano and some flute, she was also a figure skater and spent several hours on the ice in hopes of one day becoming an Olympic champion. Unfortunately, Jennifer tore a ligament in her knee and had to quit figure skating but this did not hinder her academics.

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For many years, Jennifer’s parents thought she was a good student. In reality, Jennifer got mostly C’s in her classes. Her parents expected perfection from her, and she knew that she had no choice but to get A’s. In order to achieve this, Jennifer ended up forging her grades on her report cards and tricked her parents into believing that she was the straight-A student they expected her to be.

Like most overbearing and extremely controlling parents, they did not allow Jennifer to have any free time. They dropped her off at school in the mornings and picked her up when she was finished with her day so that they could monitor her time. Her parents did not let her do anything without them knowing and they certainly did not let her talk to boys. As she got older, they became more terrified that Jennifer would get distracted from her studies or goals by boys and forbid her from going on dates or even to her own school dance. It was no surprise that Jennifer felt trapped and could not make any decisions for herself.

Because her parents were so controlling, Jennifer learned how to successfully lie and manipulate those around her. Eventually, Jennifer met a boy named Daniel in her junior year of high school in the school band. They ended up going to Europe on a field trip for their band class where the two fell in love. Over that following summer, Jennifer and Daniel began dating but they hid it very well. During this time, Jennifer had lost her early admission into a Ryerson University because she had failed a math class during her senior year. When she learned that her admission had been revoked, she knew she couldn’t tell her parents.

Jennifer ended up telling everyone in her life that she was still going to the university and went as…

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