I love writing true crime and fascinating stories about humans.

6 monks and others were killed at this Arizona temple.

In the early morning of August 10th, 1991, someone entered the Wat Promkunaram Buddhist temple. The temple was home to those of Thais or Thai descent and could be found in Waddell, Arizona. The person(s) who entered the temple shot and killed nine people inside. …

The deadliest mass shooting in US history was carried out by one individual.

On the evening of October 1st, 2017, the Las Vegas Strip was full of life. It was the annual Route 91 Harvest festival which brought in thousands of guests from around the nation. The country music festival was upbeat, full of great music, and lots of fun for everyone.


Missing girl from North Carolina found!

Earlier this month, a sixteen-year-old girl from North Carolina was desperate to escape. She was riding in the back of a dangerous man’s vehicle and had been trying to get the attention of other cars passing by. She raised her hand in the window, put her thumb to her palm…

Some of these might keep you up at night.

Disclaimer: This is just for education/entertainment and not meant to offend or cause harm. Some of the content in this blog may be triggering to those who have spent time in the justice system or who were victimized by it.

Image taken by Niu-Niu on Unsplash.

Working in a law office isn’t as great as it sounds.

It’s hard to explain exactly what I did for my…

Dani Hendrix

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