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Hi, friend! I write about crime. I have a bachelors in criminal justice and currently work at a law firm. *New crime blog every week*

The infamous Haunted Castle ride at Six Flags

Picture of the Haunted Castle at Six Flags. Image from Myk Streja

The horrifying true story of child-killer Mary Bell.

Image of Mary Bell. Image from Aural Crave.

Why her upbringing may be to blame.

Two girls possibly recorded their killer on Snapchat before they died.

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

  • WARNING: This blog contains adult dialogue that may not be suited for all audiences.
Image of Richard Ramirez in his 1985 trial. Image from Los Angeles Times.

The early life of the Night Stalker

Crying maniac reports his own crimes to the police.

Photo by Ian on Unsplash

The ongoing case of Tyarra Williams

Image from the Greensboro News and Crime.

About Tyarra

And how you can do it too.

Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

“Okay, sure. They got lucky. But that won’t happen to me.”

The case of Son of Sam.

Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

The case of Rose Larner

Photo by Joshua Harris on Unsplash

And how all the women in their family could see spirits.

Photo by 卡晨 on Unsplash

Shortly after moving in, Heidi had a new imaginary friend.

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