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Hey there, welcome to my page. I have a bachelor's in criminal justice, I’m currently working at a law firm and I write about crime. (Top writer in Psychology!)

And why she shot her 38-year-old boyfriend’s wife.

Amy Fisher was sixteen years old when she fell in love with a 38-year-old man. Amy was born on August 24, 1974. She didn’t have a great childhood and was constantly trying to get her dad’s attention and validation (Which he never seemed to give her). This may have lead to teenage Amy seeking the attention of a much older man.

Amy Fisher as an adult in 2010 while working in the adult film industry. Image from Wiki Commons.

Who were Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco?

Amy and her dad were bringing his car into a local auto repair shop when they met Joey Buttafuoco.

Joey was a married man who had met his wife, Mary Jo back when he was in high school during…

The case of Nannie Doss

Nannie Doss. Image from All That’s Interesting.

Early life

Nannie Doss was born in Blue Mountain, Alabama in 1905. She had four siblings and was close with her mother. However, her father was a controlling and unkind man. He forced her to do things that she didn’t want to do like working on the family farm instead of attending school. Because of this, she grew up hating him.

At the age of seven, Doss had a pretty serious head injury that she later blamed all of her mental health issues on. Doss and her family had been taking a train ride to Southern Alabama to visit family when the…

Lobster diver describes his incredible experience.

Photo by vivek kumar on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered if a human can actually survive being swallowed by a whale? Well, now I have your answer.

On June 11th, 2021, Michael Packard was swallowed by a humpback whale. Packard is a 56-year-old lobster driver who picks lobster off of the seafloor in Cape Cod Massachusetts. He has been doing this for many years and is a very experienced diver.

Packard said that he had positioned his boat off of the Herring Cove beach and was surrounded by plenty of other fishers. …

The Chowchilla School bus kidnapping

Chowchilla in the 1970s was a quiet farming town where nothing exciting ever happened. It was certainly not the kind of town you would expect an entire bus full of children to go missing from.

Photo by Ashley Gerlach on Unsplash

It was one of the last days of summer school. 26 kids ages ranging from 5–14 were being taken back to their homes by bus. The bus driver was a man named Frank Edward Ray, who often went by Ed. Ed was previously a farmer and became a bus driver who all the kids loved. …

At least 602 people died.

Iroquois Theatre before the fire. Image from History of Yesterday.

The Iroquois Theatre was fireproof. At least, that’s what everyone thought. The theatre was newly built in Chicago, Illinois, and was opened on November 23rd, 1903. The building was stunning. It had massive walls, long marble stairs, and beautiful mahogany wood trim. Critics and theatre-goers were all very excited to see this architectural masterpiece built, but they had no idea what devastation it would bring.

Warning signs of a tragedy

The theatre wasn’t as structurally perfect as it looked. Fire safety standards have changed significantly over the years, mostly due to accidents like this one, but the theatre still did not meet the safety standards…

Her kids watched her die in this small Arizona town.

A small predominately religious town called Thatcher, Arizona was the kind of place that left their doors unlocked and their windows open at night. In other words, people felt safe living in this close-knit farming community. So when 29-year-old Mary Ann was brutally murdered in her home, it was a major shock to the locals.

Image that Mary Ann’s four-year-old daughter drew after the murder. Image from Gila Valley Central.

The murder

In the early morning hours of July 9th, 1995, someone came in the back door of Mary Ann’s home and violently attacked her. She was a single mother with two daughters, who were only four years old and eighteen months old at the time.


The arrest and trial of the Scottsboro Boys.

The nine Scottsboro Boys. Image from PBS.

The right to a fair trial is something everyone deserves. After all, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, right? You would think, but there are many criminal cases that would suggest otherwise. Here is another.

How it began

The year was 1931 and tension over race was high. On March 25th, roughly 24 people were riding on a freight train (illegally), traveling between Chattanooga and Memphis. There was a mix of African Americans and Caucasian people on this train, but riding the same train definitely did not mean that they would all get along.

Haywood Patterson was an 18-year-old boy riding the train…

listed alphabetically by last name.

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

1. Stephan Wayne Anderson

Executed: January 29th, 2002 by lethal injection.

2. Danny Barber

Executed: February 11, 1999, by lethal injection.

3. Donald Beardslee

Executed: January 19th, 2005, by lethal injection.

4. Martha Beck

Executed: March 8th, 1951, by electric chair.

5. Jake Bird

Executed: July 15th, 1949, by hanging.

6. Arthur Gary Bishop

Executed: June 10th, 1988, by lethal injection.

7. Oscar Ray Bolin

Executed: January 7th, 2016, by lethal injection.

8. William Bonin

Executed: February 23rd, 1996, by lethal injection.

9. Gary Ray Bowles

Executed: August 22nd, 2019, by lethal injection.

10. James Briley

Executed: April 18th, 1985, by electric chair.

11. Lindwood Briley

Executed: October 12th, 1984, by electric chair.

12. Lester Brocklehurst

Executed: March 18th, 2938 by electric chair.

13. Robert Anthony Buell

Executed: September 24th, 2002, by lethal injection.

14. Ted Bundy

Executed: January 24th, 1989, by electric chair.

15. Thomas D. Carr

Executed: March 24th…

The tragic death of Maddie Clifton

Mugshot of Joshua Phillips taken in 2009. Image from Wikipedia.

Who was Joshua Phillips?

Josh was born in Pennsylvania on March 17th, 1984. He didn’t have a ‘good’ childhood by any means. His father, Steve, was both an alcoholic and a drug addict who would abuse Josh and his mother frequently. Josh and his mother reported later that they were both terrified of Steve and hated living with him. Steve ruled the house with an iron fist and forced his family to follow very strict rules. Steve didn’t like when Josh had friends over, and he had an extreme disliking of young girls.

At some point, the family decided to move to Jacksonville, Florida…

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